Earnest Graham

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstance, but are unwilling to improve themselves.”

James Allen

Life has been one great journey for me. I have learned so much about myself during the trials presented, that creating a medium to share these experiences was a natural occurrence. My motto has always been that STRUGGLE BUILDS CHARACTER. As I grow spiritually, it has come to me that my struggles were not those things that I inherited, such as being raised by a single mother or growing up in an environment that some interpreted as being poverty. There is a point in all of our lives where the world will identify us as being able to fulfill a need. This need can be for a family, society, or individual. It is then that our growth is interrupted and we are placed on a path where knowing who we are, is a mighty task. Some of us go through horrendous ordeals that are obviously barriers to living a balanced life. There are also those of us who have seemingly attained all that the world has told us is success, yet it solves none of our problems.

Personally there has not been a title, award, or any praise that has given me an experience like that of sacrificing for another. It is this connection that has made my life one worth living. It was the acknowledgement that another man spent hours in the weight room, and the classroom in preparation for a single moment that sprung me free for a touchdown. The fact that my mother endured beatings and still embraced the hope that she could be the catalyst for a future that she didn’t believe she could experience herself. It is by embracing the efforts of those that I aforementioned that brought a peace into their lives; an understanding that the good fight was worth all that they endured. It is this that compels me to continue that fight, when the entire world tells you that the suffering is over. I am, and will forever be connected to the plight of others. I pray that this blog is a vehicle of inspiration.

I am Earnest, and this blog is evidence that the spirit is the uniting force that makes every day an event, that translates into the miracle of life that flows from an inexhaustible ground, God.

Thanks and have a blessed day.

Earnest Graham

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