1. Earnest Graham

    Give something good a chance to happen.  I remember my mom bought us a set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s. All the kids use to come to our house and say “What the hell are those?’ It wasn’t the popular thing to do, but it fostered my love for reading, critical thinking and writing. It is the very reason that I am writing this blog. Had she conformed to the thoughts of other’s, I’d still be searching for something that I am passionate about beyond sports.

  2. Don’t let the past interfere with the Now.  There are things that happened, but don’t mistake those things for what you are. I’ve had my butt kicked before, but it does not mean I’m going to lie down and take it. I know the feeling of conquering my bully’s and fears. I didn’t have a father present but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t worthy of Love. I am not these things. They are things that I encountered and gave their proper due and nothing beyond that.
  3. Don’t remain a fan of things you wish to have or become….Become a student of them The more that I understand something the less I am in awe of it. As a child I was a fan of certain NFL players, but the more I learned about the game and the various things that made them successful the more it became attainable….it empowered me. I once was a fan of money, and fantasized about the life it would bring. Fantasies are one-sided and don’t factor in the relationship that must ensue. When I was growing up parents would always say “I Can show ya, better than I can tell ya” right before they beat our butts.  Well, everything in life has first been my bully and then my teacher. I am first a fan, a student, and then that which I want to be.
  4. Love thine enemies, because they are the instruments of your destiny This is a quote from Joseph Campbell. Our enemies teach us the most about ourselves. For one, they expose that which we need to fix the most. Friends identify with our strengths and weaknesses but use neither against us.  However, my enemies have always sought to use my gifts and curses for their own gain. Enemies are spies, they are not trying to attain the same things you are. They are willing to go into unknown territory because they are intrigued about what lies beyond. Why? Because they are curious about the person who is the exact opposite of what they happen to be. The theft of your joy will be used to achieve that which you are undoubtedly opposed to.
  5. Be more than a survivor While surviving some of toughest trials in your life is to be commended, we are able go well beyond that. We can get caught in a vicious cycle of surviving. What does surviving your current circumstances mean towards that which you want to achieve? Finding meaning in your suffering is what we want. There is a high that is associated with surviving, and this is the root of why we stay in circumstances that control our lives. Once we know we can beat it, we are comfortable with that and unknowingly place ourselves in terrible situations over and over again. It’s time that we aspire for more because we are only fooling ourselves by hoisting up the same trophy over and over again.

I am Earnest Graham and these are my five Random Rules for today. I pray that these rules are beneficial and have brought clarity to your current circumstances.

Thank you and Have a Blessed Day!!!!

3 thoughts on “5 Random Rules that Can Change Your Life

    1. Wow man, that’s my hopes for it all man. Just want to stimulate conversation, especially with the youth. They can do all that they dream of ya know. Thanks brother!

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