Earnest Graham

“View your days as your fantasy football team. There is 24 hours, so you have 24 players. In order for you to bring on that new player that will make your days better, you gotta cut somebody. Sometimes we covet those old players. Aint nothing wrong with upgrading. Release the hours in your life that arent performing, and pickup the free agent that will reinvigorate your team. Evaluate your life wisely and choose. You are your own General Manager”

Earnest Graham

“The divine music is incessantly ringing within all of us, but the loud senses drown the delicate music, which is unlike and infinitely superior to anything we can perceive with our senses.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I want to encourage everyone today to take full of advantage of the Time we are given. I made an earlier post entitled Discipline Reloaded where I spoke of the importance of understanding that our results in life are not by chance. It is imperative that we become conscious of the way our 24 hour days are spent. Thinking about our future can create some anxiety. It is the day that we are to master. I truly believe that mastery of the day can lead to an illuminating life. It is discipline that will build your bridge to the highest ideal of yourself. It is focus and proper understanding that will be the foundation of your discipline. It is humbleness that allows you to accurately assess yourself, and the courage to be honest that will be your first footsteps on this journey.

When I evaluated myself,  I found that the time that I was neglecting was my driving time.  For most of us this is a large amount of time that is unaccounted for. Some of your greatest decisions can be subtle, but create the most dynamic change in your life.  Most of us, after a long day of work are at our most vulnerable time because we are mentally tired. This is the time that we must be proactive, which I know sounds like spending more energy, but what I am asking is to the contrary. I made a decision during this time to be in silence. I simply turned off the radio.

Sometimes, our actions are so ingrained that we become numb to them and just allow its intrusion upon our lives. As much as I love music, I had not realized that I hated the damn radio. Especially today’s radio, it forces music down our throats until we just lay down and take it. Same thing with Talk Radio, it’s rarely a show that doesn’t have some sort of agenda or issue that isn’t relevant to my life. I refused to make another man’s issue my own. It was the couple of hours of silence a day that added so much value to my life. I decided that it was time to lay on the couch of my consciousness, and allow it to be my shrink. 90 minutes a day turned into 630 minutes a week and 32,850 minutes a year.

In my mind I view my days like a NFL football team because that is where I have had a majority of my experiences. You have limited roster spots and there is no exception. This is similar to your days, ALL YOU HAVE IS 24 hours. If you have ever played Fantasy Football you know that on Any Give Sunday it is all about who you choose to start. You do your evaluations of the opponent and decide who you think is going to give you the highest production. This is the same as your days, which will become your life. Choose wisely, as the way you spend your time will bring your fantasy life into fruition. For me God is the owner of the organization and I am the general manager which will employ all the proper traits as a means for the entity that is Earnest Graham to win a championship. I tend to rule with an Iron Fist. If you aren’t producing then you got to go. That is why I had no problem turning off my radio.

That revelation allowed the happenings of my life to come into focus as well as allowing me to be better prepared for work and my household. It also helped to spur greater ideas that ultimately led to better efficiency. I am still very involved in music but that involvement is when I am creating my own. It has given me back my love for music, rather than engaging with it like it’s mcdonald’s, which is cheap and processed and only capitalizes on inconveniencing me when it’s convenient. I’ve discovered new artists that I never would have, had I allowed the radio to keep handing them to me.

Our brains are amazing as far as what it can process in a matter of seconds. I have emerged from a simple car ride with developments that improved my life, as well as that of my family and community. There is one thing that is a must however, and that is your conscious awareness that you are your general manager and God is the programmer, in which Gandhi so eloquently says is the Divine radio. To tune in, it requires the execution of babble and the subtle but radical application of silence.

I am Earnest Graham and there is one programmer in my life….God. This is my affirmation for today.

Thank you and God Bless!!

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